april 2014

Drama Llama T-skjorter

Hei, jeg har jobbet dag inn og dag ut for f til dette og her er det!

Jeg har i de siste 6 mnedene kalt kjresten min from drama lama fordi han er en skikkelig drama queen til tider. Her er min visjon p dette! Om det er en spesiell drama lama dere kunne tenkt dere, la meg vite s skal jeg se hva jeg kan f til! Skriv ogs gjerne om du vil ha female cut p skjorta eller vanlig t-skjorte. Det er unisex s passer til alle, 100% bomull og 2-7 dager leveringstid (innenfor Norge)

Hper dere liker dem, trykk p bildet for komme til butikken.

PS: Butikken er enda under rekonstruering, s den er vanlig kjedelig svart for yeblikket.

How to maintain bleached hair

I have gotten a few requests on how I maintain my bleach hair and how it actually grows longer instead of breaking. Every picture of a product is linked to were I usually buy this. I always buy the biggest one, which is more expensive at the time, but will last you for at least 6 months.

Well, my "secrets" are the following:


I bleach my roots (only bleach your roots and not your entire hair every time, or else it will be a disaster breakage) as rare as possible. And when I bleach it, I always wait 3 days after the last time I washed my hair cause the grease your hair produces is a natural hair treatment for you and will prevent any worse damaging effects bleaching does.


Always use salon shampoo and conditioner. I started using dumb blonde from Bed Head and have tried very many different shampoo's etc. The one I liked the most is Bed Head's Antidote set!

But what I have experienced is that when you use the same shampoo everyday (every shower day) in a month your hair will kind of get immune against that shampoo, so it what I do is that I actually have two sets of shampoo and conditioner. So every month I switch between Bed Head and Redken Extreme (first time I try redken). Redken Extreme is a lot lighter than Bed Head Urban Antidote and therefor it will be some feeling of relief when you switch between those two!

You should also, at least once a week do aconditioning treatment. What I use is Moroccan oil hair treatment - when I feel like spending money on this tho. Hair is so expensive.


When I am soon to be done in shower, I usually wash my hair in as cold water as possible. This will close the hair "shells" or what to call it in a more efficient way to make stronger and not break that easily. When you use cold water on your scalp, this will also long-last your hair to not be greasy as fast as usual. This would also be recommended to do with your entire body for a better skin, closed pores and a "shine". But I would only recommend doing this in the summer times, haha.


I usually let my hair air dry. This is the best way to not destroy your hair! Don't even brush it when it's wet. Just, leave it! DON'T TOUCH YOUR HAIR AFTER THE SHOWER. Just squeeze left over water out of it with your hands (not towel) and then just leave it. Bleached hair also takes 100 years before it's dried. It is hell.

IF you are in a rush or are to go to bed use a hairdryer and switch from cold to hot air and always begin with drying your end before the roots, the roots have a tendency to dry faster cause of the warmth of your scalp. And always blow dry your hair WITH the grains, not against. Invest in a good hairdryer. What I use here is THIS!


If I blow dry or use a hot ironing tool, I usually end the treatment with a oil! Macadamia Natural Oil - Healing Oil Treatment is what I've found works best for me. It's Light wight, won't feel sticky or greasy and smells extremely good! But it has it's price, for a very small bottle it is a bit over 100kr. So use it when you feel you need it the most or wants too have that extra glowing look for a out of house experience.


When you brush your hair, use a natural brush. Which looks like something you would brush your horse with haha.

Brush always from the ends first gradually working you up to the roots.

One of my friends showed me a awesome brush called Tangle Teezer. It is not hurting you or your hair when you brush it, it is awesome. Look it up HERE.


If you like to have your hair up, use a clip/pinch instead of a hair scrunchy. This will also keep your hair healthier and less breakage. But I use hair scrunchy's all the time so no worries. Just a little extra tip.

Hope this help, and good luck :D



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